Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

The firm's representation in divorce matters includes property distribution, spousal support, child support, timesharing with your children, and all other matters that arise during the divorce. Over the course of our careers, we have successfully represented many people during this difficult period in their lives.

Modification & Relocation

If there is a substantial change in the income or finances of either party following the divorce, there may be grounds for a modification of spousal support or child support. Similarly, if a parent is relocating more than 50 miles away, timesharing may be modified in connection with the parent's relocation. We can advise and represent you in such matters.

Timesharing & Child Support

For parents who are not married but have children together, our representation will address all issues relating to shared parenting, timesharing, and support of any minor children. It is important for parents to understand that the children of unmarried couples have the same legal rights as children from married couples.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Frequently, individuals wish to enter into agreements before or after their marriage to determine what their legal rights will be in the event of divorce or death. We have negotiated and prepared many prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and know exactly what to do.

Appeals in Family Law Cases

Either party has the right to file an appeal from the trial judge's decision in a family law matter. These appeals are typically heard before a three judge panel at one of the five District Courts of Appeal throughout the State of Florida. We handle all types of appeals in family law matters.


A paternity action is filed to determine the father of a minor child and any related support and timesharing issues. We can represent the mother or the father in paternity proceeds, which would address shared parenting, timesharing, and the support for the minor child(ren).

Contracts & Agreements

We can work with you to draft agreements and contracts in family-related matters. Such agreements can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. For example, agreements can be used when unmarried couples (whether being a heterosexual or same-sex couple) wish to put in writing their financial arrangements with each other. This is particularly important if a couple owns real property or a business together.

Legal Research

We can provide a thorough analysis of the different state and federal laws concerning your potential legal issues.