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Family Law & Divorce Attorneys in Miami

Kircher Law’s two principal attorneys, Peter and Marianne Kircher, have over 65 years in combined experience in family and marital law. In their extensive practices, Peter and Marianne have served clients in high-asset divorces, as well as in other domestic relations matters including child custody, child and spousal support, paternity, pre- and postnuptial agreements, and complex financial and property division issues.

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Experienced Family Law & Divorce Lawyers

Peter and Marianne have been recognized as among South Florida’s most highly skilled and successful family law attorneys. Their reputation in large part stems from their ability to prepare for litigation in order to protect their client’s interests, while also being able to pursue an amicable and expeditious resolution between the parties. Our attorneys have the education, commitment, and expertise to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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A Boutique Family Law Firm

Kircher Law is a specialized law firm that works very closely with their clients. Every client is treated as if they are our only client because we understand the difficulties of going through a divorce or any domestic matter. We are more than capable of handling the unique demands of every client and case and we work very hard to achieve our client’s goals while also providing our clients with honest and realistic expectations.

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