About Kircher Law

          Divorce and other family law litigation can be tough and demanding. You need attorneys who can skillfully navigate the legal system on your behalf and who will zealously represent you. Our principal attorneys have over 65 years in combined legal experience. They can readily identify the critical legal and factual issues in your case and then create a game plan and strategy to maximize the outcome in your favor.

          The attorneys at Kircher Law recognize that, in many cases, a good settlement is preferable to lengthy litigation and will do everything in their power to conclude your case as quickly as possible on favorable terms. Sometimes, however, despite your and your attorney’s best efforts, settlement is not possible and you must try your case before a judge. The principal attorneys at Kircher Law have decades of trial experience that can be matched by very few other attorneys in South Florida.

          Only a small number of attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and dedication necessary to obtain the best possible results for their clients. The attorneys at Kircher Law have the education, training, commitment, and expertise to get the job done.